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Kia ora from Aotearoa

Aotearoa... Land of the long white cloud...

The first sight that greeted me as I stepped off the plane in Auckland was beautiful vista of clear blue sky. It was cool, but much warmer than what I had expected winter to be. In fact, it was almost like a cool, sunny spring morning in my memories of my time in the UK.

I had spent 11 hours on the plane and crossed God knows how many time zones, but it was all sinking in... All the waiting, all the pain and frustration in the previous months... seemed to dissipate as it finally dawned on me that I was finally here.

One of the very first things that I noticed was the consistent reminder to 'Declare it' in the airport. Apparently, you have to declare anything that may be food, or originally organic, and chances are you would be expected to throw everything away before you get to cross the Customs and Immigration.

A bit harsh I thought.

My travel companion told me the story of how the Indian national cricket team were fined for having…

Going (written on a Boeing 747 at 16000 feet)

It all seems surreal.

I am now 16000 feet up in the air traveling at 535km per hour.

Just an hour ago I was joking around with my family, posing for photos that Dad always takes wih his ever handy DSLR, receiving pats on the back that usually accompany well- wishes of good luck and success...

Just an hour ago that I embraced my loving wife and two beautiful boys.

Adam of course didn't have an inkling to what was going on. I was just so happy to get to kiss him without him being asleep, or squrming and screaming for the comfort of his mother's bosom.

And Adel.. Adel almost broke my heart.. He followed me everywhere I went. He wouldn't even let go of my hand, and even came up with so many polite excuses to follow Daddy.

The loving faces of my parents.. And my siblings..

All locked away, etched into the very deepest recesses of my mind..

The memory that I will hold on to for the next three years.

I didn't know that leaving would be this hard..

(Backdated entry)