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And it all crumbles to dust..

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'It's over...'
'My husband found out about us... It's over...I finally filed... for divorce'
I cannot say that I was surprised at the words that I heard from her.
She was on a crash course the minute she let her former lover back into her life... Not that she did anything overtly wrong... A call here here, an sms there, a Facebook message... but all spiralling faster and faster to the same direction... She was a beautiful 30-something, full of life, and so much to give, trapped in a dead-end... Married for more than 5 or 6 years, husband who didn't appreciate her, staying together not so much that she wanted to be with the husband, but more of staying together for the children...
And the sad truth is - she wasn't the only one.
Many women have confided in me the same thing... Each and every one different women, from different walks of life, with different careers, and different histories... Yet their stories are so common th…