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Cow's head conundrum

Fifty local residents protest the building of a temple by marching with a bloodied cow's head.
They want to march in protest? Fine, it is their right. I would probably do the same if I felt extremely provoked in some way, over an issue that was important to me.
Marching with a severed cow's head? Stupid, irresponsible, uncouth, insensitive, moronic, and totally idiotic.
The very fact that these protesters chose to desecrate the religious symbol of another race and religion shows how small minded, how provincial, how insensitive they are of basic respect among human beings, especially in a country such as ours. Don't they realise that they have desecrated something holy to other people?
Don't they realise that this action is the same as a group of Hindus marching through the streets, protesting the building of a mosque, with a burnt Quran in hand???
It is an act of open aggression. An act of open war.
Is this how we would like others to treat us? Does the rule to do unto oth…

My makeshift office

Somehow, there's a magical draw to this place...
When I want work done I sit here.
Pay RM6 extra for coffee than I would in any other place.
Pay RM5 extra for pastry than I would in any other place.
Sit in plush chairs which are would make an office ergonomist cringe while hunched over, doing work that I could as easily do at the office.
Listen to bad jazz music that should have died 50 years ago blaring out of the loudspeakers.
And yet, here I am... hunched over, doing my work, while drinking overpriced coffee... eating an overpriced, overcooked croissant...with butter and jam...
I must be daft...