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Adel's Daddy time

Today was a good day for me.

I went to work, went for prayers, played badminton. In short a good day (though still a bit lacking in the PhD department).

Coming home from this high, I thought to myself "I want to do something with the family". But when I got home, Salmah was a bit tired, and Adam was taking his nap.

So  the only person there was Adel, playing with his robots.

I thought "hey why not?". I asked him if he wanted to follow to go window shopping. And he replied that he did.

And so we took the Bimmer and drove off to the mall.

When we arrived, we strolled round the shops, looking at things both of us were interested in (smartphones, gadgets and games). We talked. We joked. We walked hand in hand.

And I realised that I had never done this with him before. At least not as an older boy.

Sometimes as parents with more than one child, we forget that each and every one of our children need their own time with us. We always think of 'family time' and ta…