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The Broken Toe Diaries: Day 3 - Trying to achieve normalcy

Two days ago, I broke my little toe, and fractured the toes beside it in 2 different places, after slamming it into a doorframe, while I was half asleep and rushing to see what my baby son was crying about. Turns out his mother was in the room with him, but was preparing my other 2 sons to go to school. So the baby was just being a baby.

And I had broken my toes for nothing.

It wasn't much fun, and it hurt like having a steamroller have its way with my foot.

Fast forward the first 2 days of absolute misery, waiting on a wheelchair at 2 different clinics and lastly the hospital. Fast forward the day after in my PJs, feeling painful, and miserable, full of self-pity and loss of self-worth.

It is now Day 3. The deadline is closing in and I have so much that I haven't done. We are leaving NZ for good in just over 3 weeks' time. So much to do. Packing. Shipping. Writing PhD.

Most pressing is the fact that I have to sell my beloved Honda Odyssey in a few days' time, and I t…