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We are Family

Can Christians and Muslims co-exist on God's Earth? 
By right we should be able to, as among all the religions in the world, we are most closely bound together by blood and faith. We are sibling religions, and yet we have waged war amongst ourselves since the time of the Crusades, and still do until today, spilling precious blood for the glory of what we perceive our religions to be.
Yes, there is a time for war. However, there is a time for peace.
I was going through this blog that I recently discovered, and found a diamond in the rough. It would seem that I am not alone in my views. I repost the entry taken from here:

I congratulate the Perak Mufti Datuk Seri Dr Harussani Zakaria as 2008’s recipient of the Tokoh Maal Hijrah. I would also like to thank him in making clear that Islam is tolerant towards the other faiths. 

As he quoted, “We do not condemn Jesus because he, too, is a prophet in Islam. Neither do we destroy the many temples and places of worship because our religion refra…

Awaken the Racer within

Photo credit here

There is something almost irresistable when a motorcyclist is faced with a red light.
He stops (if he loves life). Soon, one by one, his brethren start forming a line on both sides, each stopping as if held by the invisible shield of the red traffic lights. 
Each biker a stranger, on different bikes, from different walks of life. 
Each trying not to be seen looking at one another, though one does catch discreet glimpses at individual bikes, marveling at bigger and tougher bikes, and triumphing over the smaller, cheaper bikes.
Each pair of eyes fixed to the traffic lights ahead of them, not daring to miss a beat for fear that they would be left behind in the oncoming onslaught of heavy traffic behind them. Brothers in arms, for sixty seconds, until the changing of the light.
Soon there is an elecric quality of excitement buzzing in the air.
VROOM! VROOM! engines are revved mere seconds before the lights change to the all-powerful colour of the US currency.

The Reason

It was with no little pleasure that I stepped once more into the granduer of JB's former number 1 spot for retail therapy - City Square. 
If I recall correctly I hadn't been there for more than an year and a half... Not because I was boycotting (the catchword of the day) anything there. There simply wasn't anything uniquely there that I couldn't find anywhere else. If I wanted to shop for basic daily goods and hang out at a mall that provided most of the things I need, I could go to IOI Mall which is a mere 5 minutes drive from my house. If I wanted to catch a movie, I could go for the full monty in Jusco Tebrau, where the screens are huge, the sound systems crazy, and  the parking free with the ownership of a Jusco card (instead of the RM10++ which is usually charged for the timed parking in City Square). Basically there was no real need for me to brave the traffic and being stuck in the notorious traffic.
But, just for old time's sake, I figured why not...
Because fi…

Inspiration in half-light

It's been a sombre time in my house for the past week now - all because my wife had fallen sick... pity the poor girl. This meant that when I'd arrive home at night, dinner would be prepared, and then after that she would go for her prayers, and then straight away nod off. Overworked, underpaid, and sick... Pity her.
This also meant an extremely loooooong period of being by myself at home - pity me... :)
But yesterday was different. After dinner, I went up to my bedroom, switched on the air-cond, dimmed all the lights, and drew open the curtains to the splendour of the view of Gunung Pulai in the half-light.
It was beautiful... the light of the moon reflected off the surface of the rooftops and the palm trees of the golf course surrounding us... The streetlights eminating a warm glow to the streets below them, as if inviting the world to bask in their quiet radiance... Like smiles of familiar faces in a vast unknown sea of strangers.
I was at peace.
I picked up my guitar and arrang…

Men, Women and GPS

Sometimes one wonders how our two species even co-exist on the same planet here on Earth (though I do not dispute that I cannot do without these heavenly creatures). I know that it's a cliche, but men and women really have different ways of communicating. In this post and in some other future posts I will try to decipher some of the wonderful and mysterious ways that women try to convey their messages with.
I think, one that remains a delightful mystery is the method of communication that I like to call the "Tone and Pitch GPS device". For some reason, I've noticed that many women that I've come into contact with have the abilty to transfer coded map information in the pitch and tone of their voices. It's a wonderfully mysterious device that I seem to have been born without... And oh how I wish I could own one. Allow me to illustrate:
During my sister's wedding recently, almost all my uncles and aunts attended, and of course, while they were in JB they mana…

The wisdom of House

"One day, One room"
A quotation by the doctor everyone just can't help but to like, dislike, and admire all at the same time - Dr Gregory House. 
Life is a series of rooms. When you enter a room, you will find someone there. This is the person who will share that part of your life with... Whether you choose to like him or her is irrelevant, and this does not only pertain to girlfriends, boyfriends, etc... This includes the best friend you had during childhood, the school bully in your teenage years, and even the old lady that sweeps your school grounds. You don't choose who you share the room with. 
You merely spend a certain amount of time with them, before walking to the door, twisting its handle, and walking out... Where you will walk a few feet to the next room in line, and open the next door...
That is life.
Once we truly understand this do we realise our relationships with the thousands of people we all meet in our lifetime - Make the most of every room, and make the…