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Adel's Daddy time

Today was a good day for me.

I went to work, went for prayers, played badminton. In short a good day (though still a bit lacking in the PhD department).

Coming home from this high, I thought to myself "I want to do something with the family". But when I got home, Salmah was a bit tired, and Adam was taking his nap.

So  the only person there was Adel, playing with his robots.

I thought "hey why not?". I asked him if he wanted to follow to go window shopping. And he replied that he did.

And so we took the Bimmer and drove off to the mall.

When we arrived, we strolled round the shops, looking at things both of us were interested in (smartphones, gadgets and games). We talked. We joked. We walked hand in hand.

And I realised that I had never done this with him before. At least not as an older boy.

Sometimes as parents with more than one child, we forget that each and every one of our children need their own time with us. We always think of 'family time' and take the whole family out, treating every member of the family as an equal part of single organism. So we have family vacations, family trips to McDonalds, family trips to the park, family this and family that.

But we forget that before family, first came wife.

And then came first son.

And then came second son.

How much time do we give for each of them as individuals?

I would hate it if someday I wake up and he is suddenly 18, ready to leave for university, and realise that I never actually got to know him.

I am happy I gave my son time today.


It's a bit awkward when I actually started had good conversation with my mom when I already worked.

Yes. I never can talk to her about cheezy thingy, walk together like all my friends did with their mums when they grew up. Never had that chances.

I promise myself to do that when I've my own kids. Dont want my kids face the same things. :)
Cat-from-Sydney said…
Uncle D,
I think the last time you even wrote about him was when you first moved to really yonks ago. Keep up the good work, mate! purrr....meow!
Cat & Angie,

Yeah, it has been a while hasn't it. I suppose things just catch up on you and after a while you start to forget what's really important.
Zara - Alhamdulillah I was lucky to have been able to develop this kind of relationship with my own father, albeit we only at the later years of my life. I guess my dad and I really started talking and getting over the awkwardness about the time I turned 25. But he tried when I was in college too, which I guess built up the success. So my point is - it's never too late insyaAllah, as long as you're both willing to work on the relationship.

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