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Always & Never

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. Never.

What do these words mean?

Simple enough words - Two syllables, direct spelling to pronunciation, timeless in their application in our daily lives.

But what do they really mean?

For instance, two best friends, before parting ways to go to university, exchange a very teary farewell - they exchange gifts, exchange cards, each pledging to be best friends for always...forever... and that they always call and never forget to visit each other when they go back to their hometowns.

Of course this scenario is a girls only scenario. For guys the scene would be a quick hug, a few pats on the back, and a salute as the bus drives away... Less words, less outward displays of emotion, but nevertheless a quiet ache in the chest and a steely determination to always be friends, and never forget the bond brotherhood that had been forged.

Or even former lovers, as they forever part ways... The parting speech before they embrace for the last time, where each vows that they would always treasure the memories they had together, and that they would never forget each other...before they slowly part, turn, and walk away from each other.

The question is...

How many of these always and nevers really do become a reality?

Or is reality the other way round?
When best friends at school/college become worst enemies because of something one of them thought the other one said...or because a girl/guy got in the way of the friendship?
When former lovers do not talk or even acknowledge the other, and both not really knowing the reason why?
or even more common, when there are no concrete reasons, and friends just drift apart, gradually slipping from 'best friends' or 'brothers' to 'friends', and gradually from 'friends' to 'someone I used to know back in school/uni'.

How many relationships can stand the test of time, and claim the right to use the words 'always', and 'never'?

Perhaps that's something I'll always think about, but never quite know the answer.


Princess Liyana said…
yeah!first to comment in here;p

True friendship will last forever...always;)huhu

do you believe that Sir..?

I DO..;)
Abdullah said…
You would be very lucky to find friendship like that...
As for me, I used to believe that... I really did... But I guess sometimes life throws a few curveballs along the way...
I guess only time will tell :)
A t i Q a h said…
Friends will come and go, but memories will not.
Abdullah said…
I think that was one of the wisest things you've ever said...
It actually helps put things in perspective.
Thank you.
Princess Liyana said…
hm..time heals everything..;)right?

it will all get better in time..lalalala..
Abdullah said…

Time does heal wounds..but this entry's not about me having any's just something to think about.
Abdullah said…
Azie,'s a tissue I saved for you :)
azie said…

nah, amik balik. tapi dah buat kesat hingus,keh keh keh
Princess Liyana said…
huhu..alright Sir..;)

Wish us luck for our Discourse Analysis and ESP paper..waaaa;p
for me, in terms of friendship..

time that passed by forces people to have lots of.. lots of.. commitment..
commitment with family n jobs.

only true friends understand that n will give us space to move on..

but never really intend to break the promise of always n never.
ZARA said…

the words "always" and "never"~

I rather said that its hard to maintain those words in term of relationship...=(
Abdullah said…
U r absolutely rite... It is actually unfair to expect for things to remain the same..everything changes, as do we.
A friendship that lasts the test of time indeed a rare and wonderful thing.

welcome to my blog :)
hope to see u more often around here.
Galadriel said…
Memories of the good old days ALWAYS make me smile.. I will NEVER forget the time when a classmate was late for class and had to climb over the school fence in a hurry.. then we hid his school bag under someone else's chair...
Percicilan said…
Always broke, never rich.
My default status
Abdullah said…

I will remember that for ALWAYS! It's a story to tell the grandkids...

truer words one will be hard-pressed to find... :)
cT cHaN said…
i prefer to forget all those things..
its not worth it..
Abdullah said…
Different people have different ways of coping.. I did the same in my day.. There were times when I'd even pretend the person had died, as not to feel anything. It only works for a short while..
And then for each and every one of these failed relationships/friendships, I began to take comfort in the fact that they did happen, and that we learn what we can from them, and move on..
In the words of atiqah, friends come and go,but memories will not. :)

I tengah tunggu inspirasi untuk update nih... give me some inspiration laa...
Nak suruh u jadi inspirasi I nnt ada orang x senang...hehehehe...
A Mother said…
I have many of these "always" and "never" moments. I always remember people who I love, and I never forget when people hurt me.
cT cHaN said…
owh.. ic..
well, i just assume that person is a jerk, n i hate him..
dats y i can totally forget bout him..
but, is't not applicable to all.. only special case..
Abdullah said…
Ms Mother,
welcome to my humble blog.. I hope to see u around more often..

it's always nice to know there are special cases :)
cT cHaN said…
yeah.. case.. not cases.. ;)
Princess Liyana said…
uhuhu..siapa yg tak senang Sir?auww..

huhu..i pun lately takde idea,kepala serabut bc buku;p

em..u cerita jelah..pasal pape..pasal cmne u kenal wife u ke..huhu..cmne u ngorat dia ke..ha,mesti sweet;)

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