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The Reason

It was with no little pleasure that I stepped once more into the granduer of JB's former number 1 spot for retail therapy - City Square. 

If I recall correctly I hadn't been there for more than an year and a half... Not because I was boycotting (the catchword of the day) anything there. There simply wasn't anything uniquely there that I couldn't find anywhere else. If I wanted to shop for basic daily goods and hang out at a mall that provided most of the things I need, I could go to IOI Mall which is a mere 5 minutes drive from my house. If I wanted to catch a movie, I could go for the full monty in Jusco Tebrau, where the screens are huge, the sound systems crazy, and 
the parking free with the ownership of a Jusco card (instead of the RM10++ which is usually charged for the timed parking in City Square). Basically there was no real need for me to brave the traffic and being stuck in the notorious traffic.

But, just for old time's sake, I figured why not...

Because finally, they had a new reason for me to go - JCo Donuts & Coffee... 


Where the donuts are fluffy and the fillings always brimming to the top... Where the smell of tantalises your tastebuds even when you stand in line for half an hour, just to get a glimpse of those heavenly round treats... Where the cream filling just oozes out from the side of your mouth at every bite, leaving you grinning, while the chocolate drips from your lips, and the cream wrecking your favourite tie...

You don't care...

Once you have a JCo donut (or a Big Apple donut), you will never be the same again... If some fine day,  someone says to you "Let's go to Dunkin Donuts", your answer will be: 

"Dunkin what?"...

Picture credit here
Disclaimer: JCo Donuts is in no way paying me to write this article, even though I have repeatedly banged on their doors.


azie said…
Dunkin what??

i like that,ahaha
Princess Liyana said…
hahaha..dunkin what??

A t i Q a h said…
Ecece. Habis manis sepah dibuang. Hahaha.

The J-Jco's is even tastier if you buy some for us tau sir. HAHAHAh lagik.
Abdullah said…
Azie & Liyana,
Dunkin Donuts still has killer sandwiches...especially the chick-mayo croissant...mmmmmm...delish...

I think it's already too tasty for me, so i don't want to make it any tastier ;)
Percicilan said…
I find Big Apple tastier than Jco tho.. but both are sinfully bad for me...
Abdullah said…
I agree with you on this one... In fact me and my wife talking about it just the other day... but you have to agree they both run circles round dunkin donuts eh? :)
affendik? said…
u made me myself salivating midnight!

Abdullah said…
That must have been awful for u... I apologise... ;)
Fauziah Ismail said…
Salam Abdullah
JCo in City Square?
Now, I know where to get my fix when in JB.
By the way, I'll be in the city 13, 14 February.
Will keep you posted.
Abdullah said…
Salam Fauziah,

Let's go for some coffee and donuts next time ur in treat of course :)
Princess Liyana said…
huhu..Let's go to Dunkin Donut??hehe ;P
puan hadi said…
all potong kaki food!

"more than 2800 malaysians get diabetis"

quoted somewhere..
Abdullah said…
Puan hadi,
unfortunately ur right...sigh... I'm very attached to my feet..

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