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My makeshift office

Somehow, there's a magical draw to this place...

When I want work done I sit here.

Pay RM6 extra for coffee than I would in any other place.

Pay RM5 extra for pastry than I would in any other place.

Sit in plush chairs which are would make an office ergonomist cringe while hunched over, doing work that I could as easily do at the office.

Listen to bad jazz music that should have died 50 years ago blaring out of the loudspeakers.

And yet, here I am... hunched over, doing my work, while drinking overpriced coffee... eating an overpriced, overcooked croissant...with butter and jam...

I must be daft...


ZARA 札拉 said…
Hi Sir..

It's not daft, it's just maybe u need something that u like (instead of overprice stuffs)
iHayat said…
i did that for two-three months straight. and u were there! haha!

i'm almost 100% java clean now tho. my starbucks visit went frome very single day of the week to once or twice a month. :D

Simple pleasures in life that make the workday bearable I guess.. And the place is inspiring or is it just the caffeine?!

Ozzie said…

i sometimes find that all those traits give us something to write about... so we do it... just to have a different ambiance....

or... we just subconciously like the ridiculously overpriced stuff and uncomfortable chintzes, but are all in denial!
hubbsnmoi said…
my coffee days are over.

but, i wouldn't mind a conversation over an overpriced chai.

should try spending half day with u and mimi. hehe.
percicilan said…
Aren't we all ? :P
Anonymous said…
Daft - no, old - yes

Eyes of T
Abdullah said…
Zara - u may be on to something there

Iman - you managed to kick it after all huh?

Sue & Ed- U know, sometimes i do find that I am more productive there than i am anywhere else...might be the caffeine..might be something else...

Syana - Anytime luv..

CC - I'm not alone after all huh?

Eyes of T - thanks...i guess?
Fauziah Ismail said…
Salam Lobo
An office away from the office? Everyone needs that ... I wished I could go back to the time when I could just sit at Starbucks and do my work. Those were the good ole days ... *sigh*
Abdullah said…
Salam Fauziah - why don't u do that now once in a while? there's a great Venti Caramel Macchiato with ur name on it.. ;)
Greg Wee said…
Great self portrait. It really brings out the details of your face.

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