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Cow's head conundrum

Fifty local residents protest the building of a temple by marching with a bloodied cow's head.

They want to march in protest? Fine, it is their right. I would probably do the same if I felt extremely provoked in some way, over an issue that was important to me.

Marching with a severed cow's head? Stupid, irresponsible, uncouth, insensitive, moronic, and totally idiotic.

The very fact that these protesters chose to desecrate the religious symbol of another race and religion shows how small minded, how provincial, how insensitive they are of basic respect among human beings, especially in a country such as ours. Don't they realise that they have desecrated something holy to other people?

Don't they realise that this action is the same as a group of Hindus marching through the streets, protesting the building of a mosque, with a burnt Quran in hand???

It is an act of open aggression. An act of open war.

Is this how we would like others to treat us?
Does the rule to do unto others how you want others to do unto you no longer apply?

You can protest, yes, but NEVER can you show this amount of disrespect to people of another race or religion.

In the Holy Quran it is stated in Surah Al-Kafiroon:
"Lakum deenukum wa liya deen" (for you your religion/way of life, and for me my religion). Muslims need to truly understand this ayah in the Holy Quran to be able to develop into a more tolerant people worldwide.

Even the Prophet (peace be upon him) never in his whole life indulged in this behaviour. In fact, in the Medinah Accord, the Jews (as Non-Muslims) were given the same accord, protection, and rights to their religion, as long as they did not disturb the peace, and fought side by side with their Muslim compatriots should Medinah be attacked from an outside threat. Medinah, under the guidance of the Prophet (p.b.u.h) was a haven of peace, and religious equality.

As Muslims, I think we need to reevaluate ourselves. Instead of taking the Zionist stance of "We are the chosen people of God, and we will prevail", I think we should start thinking in terms of "If we are the chosen people of God, then let our deeds to others show it".

They too are creations of our Lord.


arsaili said…
salam..too much...nak protest do it in reasonable manner
Abdullah said…
My thoughts exactly bro..there are ways to do this... what they did was not one of them.
percicilan said…
And these ninkampoops will start to argue they are doing something right.. crazy idiots...
IGGY / JERRY said…
Bro very well said. Im sure you have travelled n lived in in then west, look at the beautiful mosques built in the so called " Christian" countries than never was a thorn in the flesh for the people living there. The late Pope John Paul II n now the present Pope Benedict xVi, made sure he visits the mosques in every country he visit not only to bless his brothers of the Book but to show tolerence n respect to other religons. Mr Barrack Obama is doing the same. I know many of my Muslim friends share the same sentiment about this act. What more me as a Christian feel the same. Lets hope the present situation will be acted upon with peace n calmness in mind.
Abdullah said…
CC - zealotry is often the product of little knowledge

Iggy - as always, spoken with true wisdom. One can only hope that our brotherhood of man can mend the rifts between them.
Ozzie said…

couldn't agree more with you. it's one of those incidents that brings shame to the entire race - even religion. Upon reading the blog i found myself struggling to face my Indian colleagues - the very thought that this obnoxious act took place in a country where we have supposedly lived side by side in 'harmony' made me feel like i need to apologize to them, especially when they (my friends) have worked alongside me at my workplace, all the time respecting our religion, culture and beliefs.

shame on them.

and to think that they would be the first to act and protest if something alike were to happen in reverse.
Long live the moderates and rationals in Malaysia.. Down with the zealots and the extremists..

Happy Merdeka, bro.. Have a great extended weekend..
I think you've summed it up pretty well with the use of the term 'moronic'.
Gukita said…
This is just plain stupid act, planned by stupid Ex MB who'd be better drilling and plastering teeth than representing UMNO. This turd give conflicting comments that shows his involvement and even contradicted Hishamuddin's statement. I am not surprised some refered to him as Toyol..

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