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pre - FINAS in the Flamingo

I write this entry in a beautiful hotel room in the hotel Flamingo by the Lake..

Tomorrow, I face all the bigshots of the local universities who have anything to do with student films in a meeting at FINAS...And I'm wondering what the heck am I doing here? I scan through the name list of the attendees - Dato this, and Tan Sri that, and I see their positions - Deputy Vice Chancellor, Director, Dean... And who am I?

Encik (Mr) Abdullah Bin Mohd Nawi.

What is my post? - lecturer, department of modern languages.

What is my relevance to the local film scene? - I teach drama in education, I supervise theatre performances, I act in the occasional short film... but that's about it...

Honestly... What am I doing here?


Percicilan said…
Let's trade places then.
azie said…
having vacation lah tu,ahaha
Anonymous said…
Being the voice of the common man..
Fauziah Ismail said…
Salam Lobo (now that I know),
Sharing of experiences between a rookie and the veterans. You both have lots to learn from each other.
siraydee said…
Sir (with all due respect),
While titles may differentiate you from the rest (or vice versa), it is still a fact that you are there with them. Equal footing.
Abdullah said…
exciting stuff this..

I wish..

Kinda makes me feel like a modern-day hero...hehehehe..

it was kind of intimidating, especially when many of them are veterans at the game, but put on a brave face, give your two-cents worth, and people will listen..

Thanks for the reassurance, and as it turns out I actually did get to propose a motion, buuuuuut it was turned down by the committee... but at least I'm not a 'silent player' am I? :)
Greg Wee said…
You shall be the opposition. :) FYI I'm back in action.
Anonymous said…
Buat bodo....can't u see Dr? la ni "Mr" only...esok-esok ?
Abdullah said…
It's good to see you again bro!

Insyallah, within the near future ;)
Princess Liyana said…
UTM representative;)huhu..

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