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One thing you can't beat here

Although moving in with my parents takes more than a little adjustment, there is one thing that you can't beat here.

It's the ability to take your work literally outdoors.

Right now, it's 10.30am on a Monday morning. I've attended the monthly address by the UTM Vice-Chancellor, made a few important phone calls, and had breakfast.

Only thing is I realise I made a boo-boo.

The key to my room/office is attached to the keyring that holds my car-keys.

My car-keys are used for my car.

My car is being used by my wife.

This would mean:
1.0 I have no keys to my office
  1.1 I cannot enter my office
  1.2 I cannot do the work that I have to do
  1.3 Feeling sheepish, and a little annoyed. Perfect for a palm-to-forehead moment.

2.0 I am using my bike
  2.1 I look frickin'cool wearing an all black suit, black half-cut gloves and a deep-red full-face racing helmet, racing along on what appears to be a superbike.
  2.2 I do not feel secure lugging around my laptop on my bike, as the previous painful theft of my university Macbook has taught me that you can never be too careful with laptops. I had to pay replace that by the way.
    2.2.1 I do not bring my laptop to work, thinking I could always just use the computer in my office. Belatedly I realise I do not have a key to my office. I really must fight the urge to slap my forehead.

3.0 I cannot do anything productive at the office
  3.1 Because of the reasons above, I am forced to go back home (my parents' place) and start working there.

And so, here I am, outside, with laptop open under the gazebo, complete with tethered Internet connection (courtesy of my iPhone), in the garden, on a beautiful Monday morning, enjoying the beautiful scenery while typing on my laptop.

Ahh.. Ain't much that can top that I assure you.



Cat-in-Sydney said…
Har har har! You need ginko biloba, mate! Oh, there's one such tree in the Christchurch Botanical Gardens. Palm on forehead moment indeed. purrr...meow!
Razee Salleh said…
Hi Bro,

Thanks for this, I really needed a good laugh. c",)
Abdullah said…
Cat - still keeping my fingers crossed

Razee - hehehe...
Fauziah Ismail said…
Its either the office or somewhere else (Starbucks!!!) than the house for me ... I can't seem to work from home, not that there are too many distractions!
Abdullah said…
Sis - one of the things that helps me when I have to work at home is to wear work clothes.. complete with socks and shoes if necessary.. klu x mmg x jalan keje.. hehe..
Also, I'm kind of avoiding coffee for now, so Starbucks (my one true love) is momentarily out of the question for now :(
percicilan said…
I can work anywhere as long as it's a place that doesnt make me drip with perspiration.

Current favorite is TheCurve. Heh
Abdullah said…
CC - you spoilt brat you... hehehe...
MuNie said…
hahaha.. lecturer is originally a student btw. ^^

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