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Aku, Bini dan Ginger Beer

Aku haus...

Tekakku yang kering ini menginginkan rasanya yang menenangkan jiwa itu...

Perasaannya apabila ku menggenggam botol kacanya yang sejuk dan berwap-wap dan mengangkatnya keluar peti ais kecilku, perasaannya seperti seorang kanak-kanak Taman Keramat memegang aiskrim Malaysia 10sen pada hari yang panas membara...

Riang... Nikmat... Penantian yang menyiksakan, tetapi penantian yang lazat...

Dengan pergerakan yang perlahan seperti 'slow-motion' dalam sinetron Indonesia kegemaran surirumah-surirumah di Malaysia, muncung botol Ginger Beer kegemaranku mampir bibirku yang terketar-ketar sedikit, sehinggalah aku dapat rasa cecair yang sejuk membasahi tekakku...


Sedap tidak terperi...

Aku menghulurkan kepada biniku, dan dia juga meneguk kenikmatan...

Aku menadah tangan meminta kembali Ginger Beer kesayanganku yang berjenama Bundaberg buatan New Zealand.

Saat itu tidak tiba-tiba...

Aku tertanya-tanya... Mata terkebil-kebil...

"Ni saya punya ya Bang..." ujar biniku dengan penuh manja...

Aku kelu...

Aku pilu...

Menyesal aku perkenalkan bini aku kepada Ginger Beer Bunderberg.


Cat-in-Sydney said…
Har har should buy a 6-pack, mate! purrr....meow!
FaTiH**FaTiMaH said…
hahhaha i would prefer sarsarapilla Benderberg tho, fooh sedap sangat especially baru-baru kuar fridge:)
Cik Ana said…

been ages. mintak maaf la selalu jengok blog tapi tak leave any comments. hehe

your family dah join u over there? mesti hati sgt gumbira kan? wishing u all the best!!

p/s: ginger beer combine with horlicks can make a really mean butter cake! hehehe.
percicilan said…
I have been a Bunderberg addict for years and years now!
Sorry Sal n Abdullah..

Now, it's up to you to make the right decision.
Abdullah said…
pgmalaychristchurch - thank you for the link, and if you read through it, you will find that the writer has concluded that it is indeed Halaal (insyaAllah). I paste what is written here:
If a person consumes a ridiculously large quantity of Bundaberg Ginger Beer (e.g. the maximum consumption humanly possible), would they get intoxicated?

If the person is intoxicated by this very high level of consumption, then we’d know that Bundaberg Ginger Beer is an intoxicant and as such unlawful. If the person does not suffer from intoxication from this very high level of consumption, then we’d know that Bundaberg Ginger Beer is not classified as an intoxicant.

So ask yourself, will this extremely high level of consumption intoxicate?

I highly doubt that it will. wAllahu 'alam

Nonetheless, given that Bundaberg Ginger Beer bottles do look a lot like a regular beer bottle, if you do drink it, I would recommend that you avoid doing so in public or straight from the bottle. I'm sure nobody wants others getting the wrong idea.

In conclusion, what we can take from this is that if we drink it for it's own sake, and not to make it look like we are consuming beer, therefore it is Halal. However, drinking this with the niyyah to convey that we are drinking alcohol, therefore it is a though we are drinking alcohol, and therefore Haram.
Abdullah said…
Cat - learnt my lesson.. now buy in box of 10s.. hehehe

Ah - Ginger beer rules!

Syana - u mmg sombong sekarang.. dkt 6 bulan x dgr berita dari u.. huh..

CC - I know!!! Isn't it something?
Cik Ana said…
lobo: aik. sedara marah ke? :p i read ur blog, only that i don't leave any comments. jgnla mare sedare. ;)

plus, being in the final trimester realllly makes u feel how time really flies and yet there are MANY THINGS NEED TO BE DONE!!! warghhhhh
arsaili said…
salam bro..lama tak ke u r kiwi man sekarang ye ehehe...where about?
Princess Liyana said…
Huhu..You should buy more and more ginger beer. hihi..
BeLLy Blog's said…
Great Blog..!!!! Keep Blogging.... : )
Razee Salleh said…

Funny, you must have gone like "What? You want that last bottle? Nooooooooo! O_o "
Abdullah said…
Syana - x marah.. rindu.. hehehe

Arsaili - lama x dgr berita bro.. been kinda sunyi here without ur presence.. boleh la dtg sini from Oz nnt eh.. We're in Christchurch.

Ena - I know!!!

Belly - thanks for coming by mate.. nice to see new readers :)

Razee - brother of mine, where have you been? lama x dgr berita!

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