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Beverage of the Ages

It used to be that I couldn't drink coffee...

I've always loved coffee, but somewhere starting along my mid-20s I developed a condition that would cause me to bloat whenever I indulged in this glorious beverage. As a result, it would be a case of 'eat now, pay later', where all the enjoyment of the present would be counterweighed by the unpleasant consequences of the near future. A painful acid-reflux reaction often does that to people. So the question that I would have to ask myself would be - "How badly do I need that cup of coffee?"

But strangely enough, over the past few weeks, I found that coffee didn't have this averse effect on me anymore...temporary relief or permanent healing? I don't know... Perhaps it's the mangosteen juice that I've been drinking...

Anyhow, from the frying pan into the fire...

Now I can't get enough of that dark delicious aroma... Tantalising my taste buds all through the working day, enticing me into its hot and passionate embrace when I get back from work... That warm feeling of total relaxation and satisfaction of a hot cup of coffee after a long hard day... Priceless...

However, the thing is, although I love the taste of coffee, I just hate the 'buzz'...That feeling where all the senses are amplified and you just can't sit still... It's awful! Just like how a child reacts during a sugar rush!...especially the 'coffee buzz' after a venti mug of Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks... 

But why do I keep ordering it?

Sigh... Coffee thou art my undoing...


Percicilan said…
I am not much of a coffee drinker, but an occasional cham or latte, I would apprieciate.

I weaned myself off teh tarik and teh halia.. nak kurus punye pasal !
Dah sebulan tak minum teh tarik/teh halia...I am aging, definitely--I never cared this much about health ( and drinks ! )
Gukita said…
Coffee.... naaaaa. Tea, anytime.. hehe. Btw did you doctor that image of yours on top right? My memory of Sheriff Lobo is directly opposite to the trimmed figure of that image.. :-)
Abdullah said…
so no vices left at all huh?

Pakcik Ali,
No doctoring whatsoever...just taken last year...(at a flattering angle)...hehehehe...
Che Eduardo said…
Bro Abdullah,

I need just one cup in the morning; more out of habit than the need for a caffeinee jolt in the morning..

I gave up the cups after that. Gastric related. Soy milk convert now..

Choc cream chip frap for me.. Grande with cream and extra chocolate sauce..

Fauziah Ismail said…
Salam Lobo
Everytime I head out to Starbucks, my friends think I'm in denial for drinking the >RM10 coffee.
They tell me I can get a glass of Kopi O Ais and Roti Bakar at that price if I go to a kopitiam.
But at Starbucks, you're also buying the ambience, the experience and the lifestyle with that mug of coffee, whatever fancy name it is called.
And I will still head there whatever people say.
Abdullah said…
I know what u mean about the gastric related problems....exactly like what I had...Maybe u can check out mangosteen juice...I think it did the trick for me..

My sentiments exactly...(when I can spare the odd RM15 that is...)
azie said…
nak rasa kopi kampung yang kaw?ahaha

kalah setabak tau,ahaha
Greg Wee said…
I'm not much of a coffee drinker but I appreciate it enough to know that I can also be addictive once I start taking it.
siraydee said…
Caramel Macchiato to you is Caffe Mocha to me.


*checks wallet to see if there's enough cash to visit Starbucks again*
iHayat said…
ah u havent gotten to the level where u crave the brewed casi cielo every night...and it keeps u up til 3am. :D

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