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Of Marks and Misery

I just had another student coming in, asking to change his marks...

Just 5 more marks for an A-....
Just 5 more marks, so the Saudi Government will not take away my scholarship...
Just 5 more marks so that I can continue to support my brother who is also studying...

The thing is... I liked this chap.

He came to class, did his assignments, scored very high for his coursework...but did badly in his finals...
He came, but didn't beg... Didn't snivel... Didn't cry...

Totally different from the guy who came here last week.

I just wish there was some legitimate way I could help him... 
But 5 marks is still 5 marks.
If I give it to him, where would be my integrity? My trustworthiness?  My honour? 

If I don't have these... Then who am I?


Percicilan said…
Find it to justify good contents or good style... all these are subjective so if you think mercifully that they legitimately worth a second look, by all means give it to him. Style and contents are subjective kan..

I would give the 5 marks for attitude and attendance if all else fails.

I'm in an academic course where attendance, assignments and everything else is not taken into account. All that matters is our exam grades; and we don't even know who marks our papers actually. It's difficult for me to symphatise. More me a pass is a pass and a fail is a fail. Government loan and all.

As an educator, we have the difficult task of living integrity. Both husband and I have been in this situation, and trust me.... in the end, it is better to give him the five marks, because we never know, what doors close on him just because of these five marks.

I would design some extra credit work.
Abdullah said…
After all is said and done, when it comes to language, we know exactly where a student is at... I tried to increase all other marks, but it just wasn't enough.

He is now on his way back to Saudi..

I would agree with you on this one. During my time most of us concur with the marks we got..we would know whether we deserved them or not, and if we didn't we wouldn't make a show of trying to make the lecturer change them (though we would as them to show leniency, but this rarely worked).
At the end of the day, a pass is a pass, and a fail is a fail.
Abdullah said…
Ailin... I can't believe to see you here again! it's been ages... how have you been?

Like I indicated earlier, designing extra coursework for extra credit cannot compensate for giving an A to someone not deserving, because we are talking about language skills... One would question the grade if he shows up one fine day at the workplace and it becomes evidently clear the language skills are not up to par...

I was a difficult call to make.

I pray I do not have to make them too many times in my career.
WUHOOOOO.the joy of being an educator....banyak pahala ni
Greg Wee said…
good decision. stick to your guns.
Anonymous said…
If I don't have these... Then who am I?

Yep! Just plain Dollah.

Hello, why so long no update??

Eyes of Tenggara
Gukita said…
Bang... integrity is what makes you a YOU.. Dont lose yourself.

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