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The blurry haze

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A lot of my readers may be wondering why the past two months have been extremely quiet here in Lobo's Lessons.

Well folks, truth is so much has gone down the past two months I can barely recall anything. It's all one big blur. Next thing I know, the semester has just started again, and I'm left with the question:

..."Where'd my holidays go?"...

Let me fill you in on some of what I can remember from these past two months:

1) End of term - marking frenzy to submit marks on time.

2) Once marking was done, got 2 SPACE UTM classes for part-time students - 1 in Kuching and 1 in JB (thank God...last year it was Kuching and KL).

3) Fly off to Kuching every other weekend, and go straight back to work the following Monday.

4) Teach weekend classes in JB every other weekend, and go straight to work on Monday.

5) Attend MELTA conference while still actively doing what needs to be done back at the faculty.

6) Was awarded post of Head of Committee for level 2 English, in charge of a mixture of 30-odd regular lecturers and part-timers, and not to mention the 2300 students who take the course every single semester

7) Was given post of Committee member in the UTM-TLDM programme

8) Was part of the testing and evaluation committee that vets all examination papers of all the English programmes. Had to do extra work because of a new policy - to have exam papers for regulars, exam papers for SPACE, make-up exam for regulars, make-up exam for SPACE, etc etc.

9) Set up and run department workshops

10)Prepare my PhD proposal.

11) Send my PhD proposal to all prospective universities.

12) Contact prospective supervisors.

13) Go for compulsary JPA research methodology course to qualify for the scholarship.

14) Teach Korean kids.

15) Judge competitions outside uni.

16) Prepare claims that have been backlogged since last year - God knows if I'll get them.

17) Set up and run UTM Toastmasters meetings seeing that I'm Vice-president.

17) And a myriad other things...

Had a tough 2 months? Well, maybe after reading this you'll feel better about your life...

Sounds like I'm being a sour grape here doesn't it?, buuuuut I'm just venting here...

I actually LOVE my job!!! ;)


Ozzie said…
whoa Nelly!!!!!!!!

and u're still breathing??? really??? kudos big guy...

just don't forget lil ol me when u're a big important chancellor or something..

A t i Q a h said…
Whoa!! from me as well. :P

I thought semester break will give lecturers more time.

Ganbatte Kudasai ne!
ZARA 札拉 said…

It's really a hectic life (so that I can consider my life is pretty simple then..)

U can do it sir!

Jia You!
iHayat said… does the UTM Toastmasters meeting work? sounds interesting.
You cikgu of the year, bro..
matsallehcelup said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
u lousy english teacher said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Abdullah said…
I do believe that some people do not know how to respect boundaries and common courtesies. Two very rude and uncouth comments were made on this blog, with reference to another blog.
Just like poison-pen writers they are anonymous. A shameful display of cowardice.
Having strong convictions is good..have them by all means..debate them by all means..but do so in a manner that is respectful and socially acceptable.
percicilan said…
i like the picture you have there. sometimes's I'm in THAT, and now I can visualise how I look like.. heh

btw, take it easy, bro.
Cat-in-Sydney said…
Father of Biscuit,
At the end of a very tired day, there'll be a cute adoring four-legged Biscuit waiting to pour his love for you...the throbbing head will feel so much better, no? purrr...meow!
Galadriel said…
Hangin tough eh Bear?? wow.. u do need a vacation..
Greg Wee said…
Be like Jet Li. Oh wait a minute. Maybe you're already doing more than him.
Abdullah said…
Cat - Thank you for taking the time to check in on Biscuit and his Daddy... Biscuit's been very well behaved this past few days..otherwise he's a gregarious little chap...with sharp teeth too I might add... ;)

Galadriel - Hehehehe...but then again, I need a vacation every other time too ...hehehe...

Greg - Conficius he say... A rolling stone gathers no moss... (whoah....)
Got the same anonymous comment as well..

He must be a real you know what...
Abdullah said…
Ed - you too? man...
Abdullah said…
I did...were u there too?

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