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World, meet Biscuit...Biscuit, meet World...

Hello everyone,

My name is Biscuit. I'm a Persian kitten, but my daddy says I have some local blood in me because of my stripes. I like my stripes. It makes me look like those tigers I see on TV whenever Daddy turns on Animal Planet. I like Animal Planet.

I love Mummy and Daddy, and abang Adel (he's my big human brother). I like to bite them whenever I can. Sometimes I can hear them screaming when I bite them. This means that they love me.

Abang Adel most probably wants to be a wrestler when he grows up. He likes to practice his moves on me. I don't mind. I just show him that I love him and bite him.

I am very happy in my house. But there is one thing I am confused about. Whenever I go to the toilet in the small blue box with that strange sand, Mummy and Daddy smile. I don't know what the fuss is. I mean, it's sand right? But when I go to the toilet in the big toilet that has all those beautiful plants, they get angry and lock me up for the night. Look at this picture.

See? That's sand isn't it? So it's a toilet isn't it? Really... Mummy and Daddy have to go to school again. There's so much they don't know.

Anyway, that's all for now. I have to switch the computer off because Daddy doesn't know I'm using it.

Bye everyone!


Zainab said…
Sir, you really have a very intelligent, brilliant and smart kitten. How did you teach him (or maybe her...don't really know Biscuit is a male or a female name, right)that superb English... you really are a brilliant English guru...
Abdullah said…
Hehehehe... He's a fast learner...
ZARA 札拉 said…

Really great Sir! ^_^

Biscuit, u want milk? =P
Ozzie said…
bubbs, never wud've pegged u as a kitten man!!!! she (er or he?) is adorable!!!! bought or given?
Cat-in-Sydney said…
Hie Biscuit,
You look yummy, must be because of your Mama feeds me cat biscuits as snack. Can we be friends? purrr purrr purrr...meow!

Blue box vs big toilet? If I was a cat, I'd choose the big toilet myself..
Abdullah said…
Sue - actually had to buy him...not many people are in the habit of handing out Persians..

Angelina - hey..welcome to my blog! Biscuit's going to have a fun time hearing from you!

Ed - I know... It's luxurious...
percicilan said…
hello biscuit...
why are u called biscuit, do you know? are you a boy or a girl? if you are a boy, tell your daddy that boy cats hates bells on necks.. so tak macho, you know.. anyway, i am milo.
nice to meet you. i have a younger sibling tito, whom vets and all said was a male then only last month everyone discovered tito is actually a female, well because she got pregnant.. bahhh

so you want to friend-friend with us?

love always,
Milo ( on behalf of Tito )
ChUcK SaGaCiOuS said…
aha, cute occay sir...
erm...i wanna send mine
also to u...surely nnt
msti pndai speaking with
extra knowledge in cmputer..
Cat-in-Sydney said…
Purr...biscuit, come visit my blog then...surely your Daddy won't mind you borrowing his computer once in a know, we felines have a special way with humans when we want something...meow....

Your new pal,
Abdullah said…
Dear Milo,
I don't know why Mummy and Daddy call me Biscuit...but I like the name all the same..I remember when Mummy and Daddy were bringing me home they were calling out some boy names...Daddy wanted to call me Coyotito, which means small coyote...but Mummy didn't like it...besides it sounds a bit too much like Tito doesn't it?....but Milo...Tito is a boy's name isn't it? Why is tito a girl?

And I hate my bell..I can't seem to surprise anyone anymore..I move a little and jingle jingle...

But I like the way it looks on me all the same.

Say hi to tito and aunty CC ok?

Abdullah said…
Chuck - send him over...I'll have him typing within 2 months... ;)
Abdullah said…
Hi Angelina,

I will try to sneak into Daddy's study when he's away at work.. then I'll come visit you!

Yours truly,
A t i Q a h said…
hahaha. cutie biscuit. ;)
izzati fuad said…
biscuit, the big toilet is nicer isn't it? hehe
arsaili said…
salam..cutenya persian cat ni..teringat buat essay masa kecik2..aku seekor kucing aahahahah..
Abdullah said…
tiqa - biscuit says thank you

Ijat - bengang betul budak kucing ni x reti bahasa...

Arsaili - Aku seekor kucing???hahahahaha!!!
anneaziz said…
Ha! Biscuit, u lucky fella. You've got a male cat lover in the house!
Are there many of your dad's specie around?

I'm bruce and my mama's anne. Visit us sometime...maybe we can learn english from you since ppsmi is out in 2012 and I'm not in school yet!

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