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And they grow up so fast

It just happens so fast.

It only seems like yesterday that I held my newborn son in my hands, so small and fragile... and I saw him opening his eyes for the very first time... Jet black eyes, seemingly so big and tender on his little face.

And there he was this morning, waving goodbye to me, with his hand in his teacher's and walking towards the kindergarten.

I remember the range of emotions I felt as I saw him walk away. I was proud that he was such a big boy, not crying going to school for the first time, in a sea full of strangers both big and small.

I was happy, but as I drove away I became a little sad to know that my little boy had already started the next step of his journey. Pretty soon, he would be in school, and then high school and college...where he would start asking me for ever-growing amounts of money, borrow my car and put a dent in the bumper... And he would start chasing after girls (and If I read the cards right he's going to be chased around quite often too!)...

But all that can wait.

Today, he's just my little boy, that I can pick up and kiss at any time of the day. My little boy who would shower me with unrivaled love and affection.

I can't wait to pick him up from school soon.


Don't you go around telling him about this day whenever you feel like it OK..

My dad till today still breaks that line of "how I took you to kindergarten on the first day.." "how I took you to school..."

Enough of the sentimental flashbacks!!
arsaili said…
salam ramadhan..ala cute ur son la...budak2 ni memang membuatkan kita rindu! moga dia menjadi anak yang soleh!
Abdullah said…
Ed - hehehehe...

arsaili - salam ramadhan bro...hehee..thanks...insyaallah...
Adel and his tartan uniform....all 'grown up'....
percicilan said…
cute nyer baju sekolah.. sekolah mana ni?
Greg Wee said…
Wow. Corporate tie & vest already. He's got it made.
Cat-in-Sydney said… he Biscuit's fav person too?
Gukita said…
Adel dah besar rupanya dan dah masuk kindergarten...

I still remember those days at Keramat when a small chubby, lovable boy was made to walk to school by his father who was influenced by certain group he identified with who believed in training their children to be tough. My heart caught in my throat at the sight but I was a younger brother.. And Allah made an elderly gentleman took pity on this kid and walk him across the road; the task to be repeated daily...
Abdullah said…
CC - goes to Nuri, quite a reputable establishment here in Johor

Greg - all he needs is the corporate wage to go with it and he's all set!

Cat - he IS Biscuit's favourite person..seriously, he can do anything to Biscuit, and Biscuit just lets him be...if it was Mummy or Daddy, it depends on Biscuits fair!

Pakcik Ali - I still remember was all part of my upbringing nevertheless... thank you for the memory.
Anonymous said…
Ah, Yes, the little Dollah. He has your nose and the prominent cheek.
You sound not so like you, once, but am glad that you do. Be the best father you can be.

Eyes of T
Galadriel said…
I hear you... I feel you....

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