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Tired mind...

It is now 11.43pm...


Just got back home only about 43 mins ago...

My head is just spinning with an onslaught of never-ending thoughts, bits and pieces, a cacophony of images and sounds and sights and feelings. It's like a broken TV in my head that I just can't turn off no matter how hard I try.

The human mind is supposed to be able to filter 90% of unnecessary information at any single time, whether they originate from the external senses or the internal thought processes.
The rationale is simple - too much information and the human mind breaks.

My filtering is probably down to 85% tonight, and even then it's driving me up the wall.

Work...classes... meetings... deadlines... vetting for exams... coordinator for UHB 2422... Marks... Adel's not feeling well... Salmah's coming down with flu... swimming... gym... Ikea... Social benchmarking... consolidation of solidarity...friend's husband's a jerk... need time for herself... why can't men understand how women feel?... other people's problems... relationships... Miley Cyrus(???)...

It's a jungle in there.

Maybe I'm just just tired...

Or maybe I'm listening to too many people's problems in too short a space of time?

Or maybe it's a combination?...

I dunno...


Abdullah said…
I know man... it suddenly crept in there... I have no idea how... hehehehe...
tired minds like to play tricks on us..
syana said…
Ikea?? friend's husband's a jerk?? why can't men understand how women feel? hahahhahaha.

seperti topik perbincangan ketika makan tengahari. hampir sama.

kecuali bab miley cyrus.

you need a holiday la.

Radzi Sapiee said…
Salam Dollah, nice blog you got here. Can you add me to FamilyMuar? Although I do have a Yahoo account, I prefer to be connected at
Cheers! - Abang G
Abdullah said…
syana - I know...all except that miley cyrus...still wondering how that got in there...hehehe...

abg g - unfortunately, the familymuar newsgroup is all but defunct, with the whole family migrating to facebook. You got an account?
affendik? said…
say bismillah,
and have a Kit Kat =)
Abdullah said…
onn - Bismillah.... (and this Kit Kat really hits the spot)
Radzi Sapiee said…
Dollah, my facebook account is under the name MerahSilu.

OK, I'm starting a new book project. Its about our Muar family starting from Tok Yakin and on to our children. Apart from tracing salasilah it will try to relate with local history.

Since you are in JB, can you get someone reliable from Tok Su Sehat family to help compile on their/ Tok Su Eton side? Also the Singapore family. Maybe you can get Uncle Man to help.

This is what I need. Tok Yakin's family can be grouped into 6...

1) Tok Wahab's family (Batu Pahat)
2) Tok Talib (S'pore)
3) Tok Musa (Muar)
4) Tok We Enon (Muar)
5) Tok Eda @ Mak Muar
6) Tok Su Eton (JB)

I need a compilation of all their children and spouses in order, then grandchildren n great-grandchildren, basically who is child or who and so on, if deceased when and where.
Names as written in IC, birthdate, current occupation or last one if retired and so on, address home and office, contact number or at least town/place of residence.

For each family try to get 5 photos, old n current

I have done interviews with my mum n Tok Musa along with Tok Gayah. So already got a lot of background information waiting to be filled wit more. Hopefully can get the book done in 2 months time.

Please pass the word around ya! Its going to be a bona fide work where you could see your names (n faces too Insyaallah) in the library.

Pls pass the word around to everyone. This is going to be a very exciting and useful project! Be part of it. Credits will be given where it is due...
Radzi Sapiee said…
Salam again.

I already got Hairul Auntie Faridah to help. He already has a compilation of Tok Su Sehat's family members, just need to add a few more details. I am now trying to get in touch with the Singaporeans.

Anyway, keep on passing the word around. Soon, I need a proper compilation of your own immediate family ya. Be ready...

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