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DELL Technical Support - Not half bad...

Got my new Dell Inspiron 1464 about 2 weeks back.

Paid about RM2600 for it.

That was after paying about RM2300 getting a second Macbook to replace the one that got stolen from my car 4 months back.


Anyhoo, back to my new Dell Inspiron.
Loved the whole thing. Looked awesome. Performed good on graphics and video editing. In short, all that I was looking for for that price range in a laptop.

Except for one... The batteries absolutely SUCKED!

I only managed to get about 2 hours doing the most basic tasks. Then I read up on them, and found that they should last about 2.5 to 3 hours. Felt I was being shortchanged.

Looked up on the website. Registered for this and that. Filled in the forms. Sent the complaints, Felt confident as they said they would respond within next working day.

Waited 2 days... Nothing.

Got agitated, and spent 30 minutes on the website, trying to figure out who to call.

Finally got a number.

Was asked to key in my Express Service number or something. Keyed that in. Response was "I am sorry, we do not have that number on record. Please check again"


I do...

Same response. But the system directs me to a consultant.

I brace myself to start a verbal war.

And then I am greeted by a pleasant female voice in pleasant proper English.

I direct my complaints and frustrations to her.

She answers professionally, and is able to field the questions well.

She guides me through diagnostics, and we run the tests together, me on my end and her a few hundred miles away.

We chat while we are doing the tests.

She is very pleasant.

At the end of the exchange she says "You are right sir, by right the battery shouldn't discharge that quickly. I'll send you a replacement. It should arrive tomorrow"

I smile.

After the hassle of the computerised ringamarole I went through, it was at the end of the day another human being who managed to see my problem, and do something about it.

How's that for customer service?

Kudos to the people at Dell.

Disclaimer: This post is not a marketing tool for Dell, and the writer does not get paid for his opinions.


Cat-in-Sydney said…
Nope, we're not migrating from Mac to PC yet, despite your persuasion. hahahaha...purrr...meow!
Abdullah said…
Hahahaha!!! I loved my Mac too.. until my car got broken into and the Macbook stolen. Now all I feel whenever I look at those lovely white unibody shells is pain and loss...
Greg Wee said…
Wow. New Toy. Splotch splotch splotch. (saliva hits the floor)
Abdullah said…
Hehehehe...Yeah baby!!!
Razee Salleh said…
Hi Bro,

Brilliant! I am so jealous right now, you have a new toy.
Abdullah said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Abdullah said…
Hey.. No problem... :)
syhcool said…
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