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How many people here have had to endure the constant barrage of friend requests of e-networkers on their personal Social Networking Sites (SNS)?

Not that I have anything against business per se, or even against MLM businesses in general because I too aspire to be a successful entreprenuer, and I have personally gone through my trial by fire for MLM businesses as well.

No, I do not harbour any grudges against businessmen or network marketers who have finesse and practice calculated restraint over their zealousness to 'bag the next client/ downline'.

But I do have a BIG grudge against 2 types of e-networkers on SNS.

Type I
This is the type of e-networker who uses a PERSONAL account on PERSONAL networking sites like Facebook for pure business networking. They can be characterised by their number of 'friends', usually amounting to thousands of total strangers with whom they have no interest to get to know personally unless they bring in money. This type of e-networker operates by the random adding of total strangers into their personal network, until some gullible schmuck thinks that the picture of this networker posing in front of someone else's BMW 5-series can actually help his own financial position, or at least until they realize that the networker is probably as successful in their businesses as the poor schmucks themselves are.

Again, I must reiterate that I do not have anything against networkers per se, but please remember, my Facebook is my own PERSONAL and PRIVATE domain. Please do not invade my privacy. That is just like knocking incessantly on my door on a Sunday when I am trying to spend my precious day off with my family.

Type II
This is the type I abhor the most. They are a combination of Type I, mixed together with perverted exhibitionist tendencies. They can be complete strangers or worse still, someone you actually know.
These are the e-networkers who take pictures of themselves holding what appears to be thousands of dollars/ringgit in their hands, fanning themselves with it, bathing in it, throwing it about, covering their babies with it, and whatever disgusting orgy of excess and greed they can think of.

First off, I don't care if it's real money, or fake money, or your money, or your upline's money... I don't care...

What I do care about, especially if the person is known to me, is that you are showing the world that you are undeniably greedy, prone to live in a vice of excessiveness, and are a perverted exhibitionist to boot. It's just too 'in your face'... It's like wanting to attract a nice member of the opposite sex by stripping naked in their living rooms while they are having dinner with their parents... It's just... Disgusting.

It's Moneyporn...

I just wish you would realize that.


Cat-in-Sydney said…
Can't you "un-friend" them? har har har *evil laughs*

No FB,
Abdullah said…
Cat - the ones I'm not acquainted with I ignore, and the ones that I am..well... kinda difficult seeing as they were my students... sigh

Brad - hahaha... good for u mate...
percicilan said…
Mr Lobo,
Like what they say in Grey's Anatomy...
Whatever that makes you sleep at night... heh.
But we Singaporeans say it this way...

"Delete suaaaa..."
( slash them from your sight lah)
Razee Salleh said…
Hi Abdullah,

Brilliant update. I so agree with with you on the Type IIs. Honestly, If their intention is to suggest that I too can be as wealthy as they are, well, they should find a less pompous and ostentatious way of doing so. Somehow, despite all the marketing, business deals ad nauseam, they forgot to learn some common etiquette or acquire some tact.

Yeesh! Now I am riled, good post this. Thanks for speaking out on our behalf.
Abdullah said…
惠佩政萍 - Ur welcome..

CC - Kesian nak delete lor... some of them mmg budak yg I sayang masa ngajar kat sekolah dulu.. just that diorang ni tak reti nak bezakan personal life dgn cari downline...

Razee - You totally get what I mean.. It's not the affluence.. It's the pomp.. It's the total lack of class... You really get me bro.
syhcool said…
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