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Forever friends - how long is forever?

No, this post is not about the TV show.

Today on Facebook, I was very much surprised to see very tense comments on a friend's page. Funny thing was, these tense comments weren't random comments made to outsiders, but were targeted comments, insults and veiled threats, between people I have known and befriended since my high school years. These were the people that I would go fishing with, or take long trips to the countryside just to get coconuts from their family estates. We were beside each other in spite of the trials and tribulations of school life, with exams, girls, science experiments and school bullies all threatening to make it a living hell.

And today, after not speaking to each other for about 15 years, and reconnecting through Facebook, a smart comment here, an angry retort there, and very soon after - an invitation to fight it out if the other party had any further problems.

This leads me to explore the question - are friends really forever? Is it some sympathetic sap's idealistic vision seen through rose-coloured glasses that once you are friends with someone (even to the extent where you call him a brother), no matter how long apart you've been, things will always be the same?

Somehow, my experiences in life have proved otherwise.

It can be something you think is so simple - just a snide comment said as a joke, a small disagreement you have about something which to you is so trivial, being friends with someone who your friend has a problem with, or even just about a girl.

You remember those friends who you shared total truth and honesty with? Turns out some truths just aren't meant to be shared.

You remember those friends who could hold their own in a battle of wits and joking retorts? The ones who gave as good as they got? Well, turns out that some jokes may at some point cross that hidden line, that once crossed, there is no turning back.

Some people offer their theory that if such things were to happen, you were never really friends in the first place...

I beg to differ.

Think that you and your 'band or brothers' are so tight that you say "that will never happen to us. We're friends forever."

Friends forever? Come back to me in 15 years time and tell me then.


Cat-in-Sydney said…
Uncle D,
I only understand one thing: diamonds are forever. har har har ...typical girl's comment. purrr....meow!
That's what make friends & buddies are different.

Ahmad said…
The Prophet s.a.w. and the great sahabat is a solid proof that friends are, in fact, forever.

I believe that if we follow the guidelines given by our beloved Prophet s.a.w, we can, and will be, brothers, up to a point where we'll march into Jannah together.

I'll take your challenge. in 15 years time I'll look straight into your face and say: "hah I won. it's already 15 years and we're still friends!"

make sure you have enough cash to buy me a drink on that particular moment! har har har har.. :P

and urmm.. let's just hope both of us live to see the next 15 years! -_-;;
Greg Wee said…
I haven't been blogging or reading your blogs either Abdullah. Please accept my humble apologies.

However, I am in awe of what has become of it. It's like going back to kampung after 20 years & then finding a city there.

WAHHHH (stupid kampung boy in big city look)So very the PRO, bro!
Abdullah said…

It is sure good to see you back here again my friend.. welcome to the metropolis that is Lobo's Lessons!!!
Abdullah said…
Justin - You honour me my brother.. InsyaAllah, I will hold you to that promise :)

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