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Life and Proposal

When you're stuck at a proposal your life doesn't seem to move forward.

Ask that to the sweating man whose heart is pounding like a hammer while he is down on one knee, holding out a gold ring, waiting for the fateful answer...

It's like time stands still.

The same concept applies to the man in the office, sweating it out in the hot summer sun, shivering it out in the cold summer rain, typing and typing away, just so that a bunch of very highly placed professors get the chance to critique his work and shred it to bits before they give the OK for him to proceed with the next phase of his life.

That, dear friends, is the proposal.

And that is how I have been spending these past few months. It's not like I've been slogging day and night over it; I have had time to do other things, but I guess the combination of a few factors has made it seem rather daunting.

First off, I am now working on a deadline. I was supposed to have sent the proposal in on 31 December, but have asked for an extension due to the stresses and the perils of the recent earthquake. I asked for a month, and they very kindly gave me a month. It seems like I have been going on overdrive, but do not yet have the results to show for it, and the deadline is looming ever so closer.

Secondly, I will be going back to Malaysia in April (thus increasing my need to meet the deadline) to kill two birds with one stone - I will carry out my pilot study, and will also be back home for my sister's upcoming wedding. This is all well and good, but anyone living overseas with a family of four can attest to how expensive it is to transport them home for a single event. That is what is happening to me. It's a good (mixed blessing really, but still...) thing that Airasia has come to town. We can now fly direct from Christchurch to KLIA... but Airasia really needs to up its game.. let's leave it at that shall we?
Back to the story - because we finished up quite a sum of money for the fare, we now had to live on what I earned from my job... And couple that with the fact that I have been unemployed for the past 2 weeks, and will only resume my job in 2 weeks' time, this also means we have very little money to spend, which makes the whole process even more miserable...

And so the conclusion is, life and proposal are one.

Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... (medidative chanting)


Cat-in-Sydney said…
Wow! You sound so stressed! Now, go jog 10 rounds at the Botanical Gardens. purrr....meow!
Abdullah said…
Hehe... yeah, but still manageable.. hey Ange when r u coming down do CHC again? just book a flight down and we'll play host.. :)
Jordan said…
Hang in there bro!
Abdullah said…
Cheers bro! Slog on I must..

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