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Lu Ingat Saya Ni Bodo Ka??? (You Think I'm Stupid???)

Starting a few days ago, a young woman sent me a personal message on Facebook. It was a rather interesting message, which lead me to question her authenticity, and even her sanity. The following is the exchange.
Between You and xxxxxx
xxxxxxx 25 March at 14:52 Report
How are u doing today?..Your profile caught my Attention and saw we had something in i have decided to contact you...I shall tell u a little about myself am xxxxxxx from sabah a state in Malaysia but currently living here in England.......I intend to visit Malaysia soonest but i don't know anyone in Malaysia.I was hoping maybe we can be friends,
Abdullah Mohd Nawi 25 March at 23:03
Sure, send me a friend request and we'll talk.
xxxxxxx  26 March at 21:40 Report
hello how are you doing today ..actually my late father is from sabah a place in Malaysia but since i was born i have never been there that is why i have chosen to come over and see how Malaysia looks like,and i don't know anybody in Malaysia because i have never been there,and i went through your profile and chose a man of your kind that i will be with whenever am there ,because i don't know anybody in Malaysia you are the only one that i know ,and you have to show me around when am there because i will be coming by next month i will stay for 3weeks i hope you will have a enough time for me .i will give you a call so that you will come and pick me at the airport ok...i will be waiting to read from you thanks hummmkisss...
Abdullah Mohd Nawi 26 March at 22:56
Whatever it is, please send me a friend request first so we are able to access some basic information about each other. I do have some things to say, but I shall refrain until we are connected before doing so.
xxxxxxx  28 March at 00:27 Report
Am so happy to hear back from you. I want to get to know you better and also for you to get to know me better...My full name are xxxxxxxx , I am mixed, my father is from Malaysia and my mother is from England...I speak very very little i was born here and lived in London all my am so looking forward to visit Malaysia very soon ..omg.. I have never been there...i feel so happy am coming to my father's land...haaaa...i want to know you better.......I live in regent street,, I am a professional system analyst...that I studied in college....but you parents are so rich...they are company shareholders in durham...they bought so many bank shares for me that pays me now so much so happy to know you....hope to hear from you..
Abdullah Mohd Nawi 28 March at 01:27
Hello xxxxx,

The reason I gave my reply was so that I could verify a few things regarding your identity and your authenticity. Thus the request for a Facebook friend request. After not receiving any such verification, I will proceed with replying this post with the original answer that I wrote:

Dear Ms xxxxx,

I hate to break it to you but - firstly, if you had gone through my profile at all, you would discover that I am in NZ, not Malaysia. So that pretty much blows the whole 'having gone through my profile' out of the water. Minus one for credibility.

Secondly, you claim to be from the UK, and to have never set foot on Malaysian soil. However, your profile pictures were all taken in Malaysia (unless you elaborately spent thousands of pounds making a studio look like Malaysia). The water meter in the first picture of you wearing Punjabi suit (if I am not mistaken) is standard Malaysian issue, complete with irregular tarmac synonymous with Malaysian roadworks. Your second picture is you attending what would appear to be a 'kenduri' of sorts (If you're not sure what that means, it is a banquet accompanying a wedding reception, though I am very sure that is not the case). I could be wrong, but I will never find sugarcane growing in the streets in the UK, but it does show in the background of this picture. The makciks (or of course if you are not familiar with this word it refers to aunties, or general old ladies) are also a great addition to the picture, wearing traditional Malaysian garments. Or did you skilfully make these replicas to imitate being in Malaysia, while you were of course away in, where was it again? Regent Street?
Your third picture is a closeup of you in a very Malaysian banquet setting, complete with VIP wordings on the table. Probably in a hotel, but judging from the lighting, most probably a hall of some sorts.
This makes you either not a very good liar, or very, very, very rich as you so claim that you managed to transform physical London settings to those in Malaysia (where you of course have never been).
Minus 100 for credibility.

Thirdly, I am a linguist, and one of the things I study is people's speech patterns. Having been born and raised in the UK, I would know a thing or two of how a Brit would communicate. Your speech, madam, displays no such characteristics. You do not display the characteristics of a native speaker of English. In fact, if I didn't know any better, it is Malaysian, though you claim to have no links to Malaysia whatsoever. Minus 50 fr credibility.

Fourthly, you send personal messages, and yet make no move, as requested, to divulge any information about yourself from your own profile. This indicates you have plenty to hide. Very strange for someone who is willing to come to a country and put all her trust in the hands of a single man she doesn't even know (and who isn't even in the country). She doesn't even know where he is from, where he is living, and she is asking him to pick her up at the airport (which airport would that be by the way? KL international? Penang International? Johor International? Sabah International?).
Minus another one for credibility. Heck, let's just minus a hundred while we're at it.

So, thus far, we've established that you have -251 ( is it now?) for credibility, which means you are not at all trustworthy in the least, and not mindful enough of detail to scam someone without at least trying to make it look credible enough. A very sloppy job indeed.

And we reach the final point, though you would not have known this if you looked at my profile because I chose not to display it (though my NZ location is very much accessible), I am a happily married man with a beautiful wife and two very handsome boys, whom I so absolutely adore.

And so, madam, in the vein of my very British upbringing, I bid you farewell.

Of course, if my analysis were not as accurate as I think they are, you have my sincere apologies, but still the answer would be NO, I do not wish to leave NZ, go to Malaysia, pick you up from whichever airport you are flying into, spend 3 weeks, or do anything of the sort.



I will not post her name here on a public forum, but to substantiate my argument, her profile pictures can be found here: . I do not know how long they will be up if she realises I have seen through the charade.
I leave the judgement to you dear friends... 



Ozzie said…
wow....... i guess this is how those cases u read about in d papers start huh??? d ones where 'you' end up transferring cash into her account or something....

nevertheless, kudos on d reply bro. a better response there is none. SENNAPPP!!!!!!!!!
Abdullah said…
Thanks sue... No reponse would have been acceptable, but in no way would it have been gratifying... this one? AWESOME!
Cat-in-Sydney said…
Har har har! This is so comical. Keep repeating the same sentences, eh? Kot ye pun nak menipu, biarlah cerdik kan? purrr...meow!
Ahmad said…
woahhh nice deduction there bro! for once I thought you're Patrick Jane from The Mentalist. Hehehehehe...

nak menipu tapi tak reti nak cover line. very, very bad, at lying. har har har har har...
NDlinanizal said…
Based on the reading, I bet this lady doesn't understand what you are saying to her ... that's why she keeps coming back to the same old issue despite being gently cursed somewhere here n there ... with those writing ... yeah, you can't be living in Regent Street, r u? har har har .. LOL ...on the floor! (She is DELUSIONAL!)
Lizeewong said…
WOW! What a reply! I would've just told her where to go but what you did/ wrote was epic. Hehehe
eCcentric eL said…
As Lizee Wong said: EPIC!! :D Rasa mau share aje kat Notes FB. Im not sure about this but u can make a report to FB maybe n they cn close it up within a few days (heard of a case on impersonation, tp yg ni xsure) Then again, ppl cn always create a new one within minutes!

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