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Screw you Ainis Aziz, you B***h!!!

And to conclude my rather controversial post yesterday, in which I exposed a fraud for whom she really was, I received another private message. However, it was not as I would have expected at all. I include the exchange below (if you missed the previous post, please read that one first). Do tell me what you think of the whole affair if you could spare the time.

Ainis Aziz 28 March at 22:44 Report you doing..and how was your day?? nice to hear from you...i really want you to be of help to me, tell me things about Malaysia, about the environment ,the way of living, and if the place is good for investment. because i want to buy a house and invest in Malaysia
I really love to know, I think right now you are the only one i know and trust, I have gone .through your profile and i see you are a good person.. i can trust you with your information, please get back to me as soon as possible for me to know the next step to take. Hope to hear from you soon,i really want us to be close’s really need your help when i get to Malaysia. Take care...
Abdullah Mohd Nawi 28 March at 23:06
You must be crazy, just plain stupid, or both.
If you didn't understand what I said earlier, let's make it simple - SOD OFF! F**K OFF! JUMP OFF A CLIFF AND DIE!
Abdullah Mohd Nawi 28 March at 23:11
And to the scammer behind 'Ainis Aziz'. You think I'm stupid enough to fall for your scam? to fall for your 'oodles and oodles' of money, or your wanting to 'invest' in Malaysia?? You SICK SICK SICK MOTHERF**KER! YOU STUPID PIECE OF PIG EXCREMENT!!!
Abdullah Mohd Nawi 28 March at 23:12
I do believe I have had my say.

And this time, I really do bid you farewell before I block you. May God give you what is due to you and your kind.


I have blocked her profile, though I do not know how that affects private messages.
Whatever it is, deluded psycho or African black money scammer, I do urge you, dear friends, to be extra vigilant to the 'friends' you meet on Facebook.

They could very well be the last thing you see...


Ozzie said…
whoa!!!!!!!! can anyone say STUPID???? or shall i say THICK-SKINNED?????

adoi la.... i'm starting to wonder if this mother even knows how to read!

gilo, gilo. this officially proves that there are actual psychos out there!!!

must say though - have known you almost 15 yrs - that is the longest slew of pg words i've ever heard/read from you! no one could've deserved it better!
Abdullah said…
Sue - Tu la pasal.. I couldn't believe it when I read the response! And the PG words.. hahahahaha! I haven't sworn so much since college days!
Hahaha...macam auto reply tu... btw, aku pun tinggal kat regent street...ahahha
Abdullah said…
Aku pun ingat auto reply bro.. berani diorang sekarang eh? pakai real identities.
iHayat said…
obvious scam. i wonder what she wants...and her english is very bad for someone who grew up in london.
Ahmad said…
perghhhhhh Sir Abdullah of UTM mencarut ziak!! har har har har :P

aku rasa dia ada masalah mental ah.... -_-;;
Intan Haryati said…
I once too, encountered such maniac. and he did not even care that i'm married. daringly said that perhaps "we will be together someday". hahahaha...

but, there were some cases, they copied the same profile from the real person, and claimed she is the one. I had that problem too, where someone who admired me so much (i guess?), they became my friend in FB, and copied all my pics and info, and registered as `me'! Sadly to say, the new intan wrote things that a teacher wont write.

beware of impersonation. she might have `something', not to you, but to that Ainis Aziz. You are just the scapegoat.
percicilan said…
In the first place, you layan buat apa lahh...
After the first msg already dah ketara sangat dia ni tak betul sikit..

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