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Corrupt Hard Drive

Sometimes it's really frustrating when you try and access some crucial data from your hard drive, and then you hear a ''... and you know you're doomed...
All that data from the past gone up in smoke...

Kinda pretty much the same as my brain I'd say... lately, I'd been trying to muster up the lyrics of songs that I wrote a decade ago... and it's really frustrating cos most of it's coming up empty...

However, I did piece together most of the words of the first song I ever wrote...
(XXXX represents parts of corrupt memory... I really can't remember these parts)

Here goes...

Look into Your Heart

We've been friends for so very long
Our friendship's so strong
But I don't want to end it today
By what I have to say

I've been waiting half my life
For something to arrive

Be careful what you hide
Please don't take me for a ride
Just look into your heart
And you'll see who's inside

I remember when you went away
I begged you to stay
You left me alone in fear
And a mountain of tears

When you came back again
To comfort your old friend
Then what I felt right from the start
must reach into your heart


Just look into your heart
and you'll see...

Who's inside

Lyrics and music: Abdullah Mohd Nawi (1997)

I just wish that I knew how to write music so that you could actually imagine what the song sounds like...

Not really much of a song, when I look back at at it again... written by a lovelorn kid, pining for a love he couldn't really get for fear of rejection.. typical first love scenario I guess :)
If it were me now, the girl wouldn't have stood a chance ;)

Whatever it is, I love this song.. my firstborn creation in my lyrical journey to be a musical maestro (albeit I still can't read musical notes)...


Joseph said…
i kinda had the same problem back in f5 and lower6, not my hard drive was corrupted. Had to reinstall the damn thing and lost ALL my data on it...gigabytes of music, movies, pictures and documents gone...juz de kind of things we have to bear with technology...
wow...sir.. u hav a flair in writing songs! if anyone of us can compose music, i bet it can be made into a song!;)
Abdullah said…
Joe, it is a song, complete with music and instruments...
I just don't know how to translate it into musical notes :)

I'll sing it to u guys if i have the time... remind me next semester ok?
Joseph said…
sure thing sir! I'll hold u 2 ur word! I'm thinkin of takin up guitar sometime soon, maybe I can play it? hehe:) oh yea...u know how 2 play a guitar? do u offer lessons? hehe
missyizzati said…
sir, buat camp jom. boleh buat campfire singing session. :D
A t i Q a h said…
frustration makes us to be creative, right? hu hu.

Setuju sama Ijat. ;D
Abdullah said…
There's a verse in a Bon Jovi song called 'I need you':

Like the seasons need to change,
Like a poet needs the pain,
Like the roses need the rain,
I need you...

So I guess you can't really be a good poet if you dn't have any pain lurking in your heart now can u? ;)
A t i Q a h said…
Ha ha ha. Guess so.
azie said…
aiyoh, 11 years ago kah? tu tanda2 penuaan tu,haha
Princess Liyana said…
huhu. lyricnye buat i terharu:)
Sir,next time jgn lupa nyanyi ek skali..huhu
Abdullah said…
like a fine wine, i get better with age...

Nnt i nyanyikan utk u ok :)
Princess Liyana said…
thanks Sir:)huhu. suka dengar u nyanyi!
ini ni...title pun dah ciplak. mana boleh ni.
Abdullah said…
mana ada ciplak title... itu listen to ur heart... i punya look into your heart...tahulah roxette tu pun nords jugak kan? ;) (Swedes are nords kan?) said…
Hi Abdullah,

Yes it is me. We belong to the same department, haha.

By the way, i think your friend have been there for so long, ignored and abandoned for 10 years, that words got corrupted and changed into xxxxxxxxxx....

Just like Pulau Batu Puteh, sulked away.

Happy teaching , bro!
Abdullah said…
Hehehe... Hey Hilmi...nice to know ur the elusive guy frm fauziah's page...
10 years is a long time bro... :)
Galadriel said…
I think I know this song...

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