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OMGIF (Oh My God It's Friday!)

This title is in direct opposition from my Nordic friend's title... It's an early weekend for her... Aaahhh... if only I were so lucky...

This is what Fridays have been like for the past month or so for me:

8.30am: Drive to work. Mild traffic jam, but usually bearable. Enough for me to read a few chapters of a book before arriving to work.

9.00am: Arrive at my office. Yawn once before opening the door. Enter room.  Strategise what to do with the day. Start doing what needs to be done.

5.00pm: Drive home. Honk at the customary road hogs. Give the occasional finger here and there.

5.45pm: Start packing for my trips to KL or Sarawak (Actually start pointing finger to what needs to be packed, and the lovely missus takes care of the rest, bless her heart).

7.15pm: Drive (fly) to the airport. Always a blessing if the cops are on holiday during this time.

7.30pm: Check in. Smile at the pretty girl at the check-in counter. Walk to departures. Smile at the not so pretty policewoman at the inspection gate. Walk and wait with mouth gaping until called for boarding.

7.45pm: Qeue up. Usually a looooong qeue (AirAsia). Smile at the pretty girl who tears our ticket. Walk to plane.

8.00pm: Get on plane. Smile at the extremely pretty stewardesses. Sit down. Wait with mouth gaping.

9.30pm. Touch down in Kuching Airport. Get in line at the Immigration counter. Smile at the sometimes pretty sometimes not so pretty Immigration officer (today's was pretty.. Her name was Nadia...pretty name too).

10.15pm. Arrive at hotel. Smile at the plump and friendly guy at the reception desk (hey, guys deserve smiles too you know). Get room. Check in. Mull over tomorrow's lessons.etc...

(The KL version is not as colourful, being a loooooong drive from JB, a short stop at the Ayer Keroh A&W, and continued with the long drive to Damansara Heights, where I graciously award my uncle and aunty with my presence [actually it's more like me really thanking them for their kind hospitality]. Then it's lectures the next two days, and the long journey back home)


So that's a typical Friday for me at the moment, until I get back to Johor at 11.50pm on Sunday, and report to work the following morning (though I will come in a bit late if there are no meetings to attend.. hehehe)...


I'll brief you on the contents of my phone soon :)


missyizzati said…
i love the 'occasional fingers here and there' part.

and i think airasia staff have so much stock of their make up that they have to put too much of it on their face.

haha. emo. ;p
Mr. Mine made his first official pass at me at that Ayer Keroh R&R. Aaannnddd.... he proposed to me somewhere in Melaka gak.
Bargain Books said…
alahai.. orang jay bee rupanya... had I still been in my hometown, i swear we would be neighbours across the causeway.. kekeke

Abdullah said…
You can't become an air stewardess if you didn't know how to perfectly apply 95grams of make-up. :)
But I think most of them look nice

Awwwwwww...but I have a question...what's an official pass, versus an unofficial pass?

I thought you were still in Singapore...Where are you based now?
Bargain Books said…
I have been out of the island for years already lah. But last year, this year and next year insya allah we are based in KL. My husband doing his postgrad here. After that, dunno where else. We lead a normadic life... this is what happens when one marries an oil engineer who then later decide to become an academician.
Abdullah said… ur in KL now..that's great! maybe we can arrange a little soiree when I swing by...and we can ask sharon bakar to join too :)

Oil engineer turned academician huh? That's exactly what my father is, though he made his change early on after he graduated from his first degree and then worked for Shell. Applied for UTM, got in, went for his Masters, and then PhD, and the rest is history :)
Princess Liyana said…
huhu, pretty stewardesses?:)ahaks..sounds interesting:)
azie said…
what a hectic life...erm...

i also like the "finger" part,haha..u rawk sir!
Abdullah said…
The ones on the journey back were not as pretty as the ones on the journey there... ;)

Now u know huh?...hehehe..

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