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Tagged, Bagged, and Gagged...

I crumple to the floor... My superhuman strength of will drained, as I stare in disbelief at my computer screen...

No sooner did I finish pressing the 'publish post' button on for my tag, another tag hits me like a 10-ton truck carrying a nuclear payload...Courtesy of The Nordic Convert...


I pull my limp body up to the chair again...

I sit...slowly...painfully...

I flex my deft as a concert pianist about to present a recital...

The tag:

8 Random facts about me

1. I was born 2 months premature. I was a TINY baby, but looking at the hulking mass of lubber in front of you now, you would never have guessed.

2. Ever since I was born, my parents (God bless them) never called or condoned the shortened local variations of my name (Abdullah) to 'Dolah', or 'Dol', and even once wrote a letter for me to pass to my standard 1 teacher, requesting her to do so as well. I remember the amused expression on her face as she read the letter... In the UK I had no such problem, but coming back to Malaysia when I was 12, the 'Dolah' onslaught was just too much to contain... I was 'Dolah' to the world... Except to my family of course :)

3. In the past, I have written 4 songs to woo 4 different girls... My success rate is 3/4, which equals to a 75% success rate... An A- by UTM standards.

4. The best pizza I have ever, ever eaten, would be on the banks of a river in Florence, Italy... Thin crispy crust, topped with gorgeous buffalo mozzarella, and succulent cherry tomatoes... Baked to perfection in a stone oven, until the cherry tomatoes burst open, and the juices seeping into the buffalo mozzarella... Perfetto...

5. The longest time I have ever been in a car would be 20 hours straight, going from KL to Kota Bharu for Hari Raya... Roads were jammed to a hilt because of the floods... I mean, I love travelling, but I have my limits!

6. I (and my team of course) have been crowned National Debate Champion twice. First in 1999 (varsity level), and second in 2005 (professional level). I have been first speaker and second speaker, but never third speaker.

7. I am obsessed with the ancient Roman empire... I gobble up any info I can on their way of life, their civilisation, and most of all their military might.

8. I saved the best one for last... Best moment of my life - watching my son being born... holding him in my arms for the very first time... all bundled up in his hooded tiny... so fragile...watching him open his eyes for the very first time... magical...

And so, ends this revealing entry into my soul...

And because everyone in my readership has answered this tag before... I officially declare this tag closed...

Comments gotta make more friends, Sir.

My boy is also 2 months premature.

My dad loves his shortened name--Dollah.
missyizzati said…
best pizza at italy huh? hehe.. i'm soo going there.
Abdullah said…
you are binti Abdullah? Wow... I never knew that.
Unfortunately, trying to make more friends seems rather elusive at the moment due to my schedule (usual excuse..hehehehe)

The stuff they make at pizza hut is almost nothing like the authentic stuff u get over there...
pemalas! that is the only excuse I can think of for you, for not forwarding the tag :P
Abdullah said…
everyone I know has done the tag already...mana ada malas...very nrajin one u know... ;p
Princess Liyana said…
Sir,err..let's go to Pizza Hut?:)
hehe,Italy is wayyyy too far from here..ahaks
Tok Rimau said…
Tengok gambar baby: cutenyaaaa.

Mmm rasa nak berbaby lagi la pulak.
A t i Q a h said…
You know what? I think u can make a good history teacher. I was inspired when you taught us about the Drama history in the second lesson (?) of D.I.E.
Abdullah said…
I set aje..u yg belanja kan? ;)

Waaah... Lama x nampak muka kau kat sini... jom tambah bilangan team bolasepak nak?

Thank you.. that was a great compliment...and I loooove history!!! :)
Tok Rimau said…
Good news. Gimme a call ext. 35151.

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