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Return of the MC

Sounds like a line from a rap song doesn't it?

But no...This time it isn't. The MC in question here is me.

Lately I've been getting a lot of requests to become MC (Master of Ceremonies) for official UTM functions. The last one I had to do was barely two weeks ago... But I really had a lot of fun for that one. It was entitled "Hi-Tea With Her Royal Highness Raja Zarith Sofiah", and yes, I did meet Her Royal Highness and chat for a bit with her. In many ways, she surprised me more than I would care to admit... For so many years, at the end of our Friday Prayers, the Imam would recite a du'a which would be considered strange to people who are not from Johor, because at the end of the du'a, the imam would launch into a roll-call of all the members of the Johor Royalty, asking the Almighty to bless each and every one of them... The interesting thing is in my observations, many people would just simply zone off at this point, simply because for many people, the Royalty was a detached institution for which had no real relevance to many...It seemed like they were just names that one would hear after prayers, and faces that one would occasionally see in the news...

But that all changed for me that day.

Her Highness was charming, and welcoming, and...strangely approachable. It was just a pleasure being in her company, hearing her speak English with a pleasant tinge of an English accent... And the readings she would quote when responding to particular questions put forward by the international students she was having tea with. She was in every word a princess.

All this I watched by the sidelines, beside my post at the rostrum. The ever-ready Master of Ceremonies, attentive and alert, should the need arise for announcements or interactions between the attendees of the event, or if the event needed a little spice...

I have learned to accept that I am good at this job, and have gained recognition for it, even in the upper echelons of the University, and beyond...

Another MC job for me in KL?

A minister attending you say?

And the Vice-Chancellors of every major university in the country?




Bring it on, I say..

It's the return of the MC.


Princess Liyana said…
huhu:)you're the best Sir!
A t i Q a h said…
Bring it on, bring it on, bring it on.

err..this was my group cheer in Taman Rinting English in Camp. Hahaha.
azie said…
best gitu

u have the voice n the talent to be an MC. so i have no doubt u can do it:)

best of luck:)

p/s: de amik gambo tak ngan pricess johor tuh?
Abdullah said…
(Speechless, blushing)Awwww...shucks...

Go Team!!!!

(Blushing even harder, twiddling feet)Awwwww...Shucks again....

p.s: One of the disadvantages of emceeing, we are usually at the sidelines away from all the x nampaklah gambar I dgn princess (the real one I mean, not Liyana ) ;)
Bargain Books said…
MC Forum Perdana nak?
Abdullah said…
Just put a songkok on me and watch me go. ;)
missyizzati said…
cool!will be going to KL then? hehe..

all the best dear sir. and, did you put a little bit of drama effect here and there mase jadi mc? if so, thats even cooler. hehe
azie said…
u always blushed and twiddled ur feet whenever ai give u compliment. just once, can u do it in front of me?ahahahah..must be very cute,ahahahaha.
Abdullah said…
Yup...I'm currently in's night time and we still haven't finished preparing for tomorrow..
Dramatic effects tu kalau ikut hati nak buat, tapi takut kena pelangkung dgn VC...

Blushing and twiddling feet can only be done in the cyberworld...heheheh
ChUcK SaGaCiOuS said…
wow!!!im so proud dat u r my lecturer...take me as ur apprentice...then i,ll become the mc for queen of England birthday...bring it on y'all...haha
Abdullah said…
Bring me a larger super supreme pizza, and we'll talk... ;)
ChUcK SaGaCiOuS said…
here,s ur pizza sir...
ur wish is my command...haha..
eerr...don 4get..A+ for my final huh.
Count Byron said…
Well done Son. UTM has found the best.
Gukita said…
Waahhh... That quite a height the basket was raised, hope it never fall becoz the higher you go, the heavier you fall... hehehe
Btw I used to feel the same regarding prayer to the Royal but now... If it is for the good, why not? Does it matter if it is for them or others? We wish good for everybody. A good royal must be better than bad one, so why cringe at saying ameen to the prayer?
Abdullah said…
Thank you.. :)
It's also due to your training.

Pakcik Ali,
You're absolutely right.. In retrospect, prayers for royals are in fact beneficial to everyone... No more cringing for me :)
salam..lepasni sir kena jaga suara macam penyanyilah...minum air suam dll..sbb bila-bila masa org akan panggil jd MC...suara emas...tahniah sir
thanks God it aint Mariah Carey! huhu
Abdullah said…
Nice to see you on this site!

welcome to my site...and ditto on mariah carey! ;)

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