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The Ones That Got Away: School daze

NOTE: Before proceeding, it is of paramount importance that this post is a reflection of memories, not of regrets...especially when one is happily married. In this life, there is precious little time to waste on regrets. There are incidents and lessons we learn, before we move on, taking with us precious memories along the way.


Within each and every adult there would be bits and pieces of certain memories that they treasure. Memories of times gone by, memories of people they had known, and for many, memories of the ones they would forever remember as 'The Ones That Got Away".

I must admit, I do carry a few of these in my mind, though the one that I will always tell with an air of Greek tragedy would be my first.

High school. Final year. Exams looming in the horizon.
I knew that I needed help with my chemistry, and I needed it quick! In my mind, there was only one person that I could depend on for help - my best (girl) friend (This distinction is very important because I also had a best friend who was a guy).

Now, there was a big problem that I had back then ( I think many people go through this phase), which was that I had a thing for her... Every time I looked at her my heart would skip a beat, and my senses would temporarily leave me every time she was near (of course all this would happen on the inside, leaving the outside looking suave, unaffected, and as cool as a cucumber.

I recall those times with fondness. We used to hang out together, study together, play tennis together... Just generally enjoying each other's company. We even loved the same music, and would spend hours just playing the guitar and singing, sometimes well into the evening.
We even had a favourite song together.

Because of this, it was like the whole school was caught up in a rapture of gossip. I know it's unbelievable, but it was like we were a Hollywood celebrity couple, me the mysterious new boy who had just come from abroad, and her the most beautiful girl in school... And not unlike a Hollywood celebrity couple, people everywhere were asking the question "Are they or aren't they?"... I would get asked by small kids 14 or 15 years old, asking me if we were a couple... I even got hauled up into the teacher's room by TEACHERS who wanted to know the latest scoop...
It was like a media circus!...
And I didn't know whether to be flattered or annoyed...

However, I don't think she cared for it too much. She already had a boyfriend (of course), but it wasn't that well known.

As for me, I would bide my time, because at the back of my mind, I knew that she and I would eventually be together.

Even if she didn't know it yet...


Galadriel said…
Well.. well.. well... whadya know..!
I do remember seeing a hole the size of a fist on a blackboard in one of the classrooms...
All these years, even back then,
She said.."I've always known..", both with their ego the size of mount kinabalu...ha ha, or maybe just too scared of spoiling the almost perfect plutonic relationship
Too bad he opened up to her a teeny bit too late..
But in her heart she knows "she's always on his mind" just like he is in hers..and they're still "together" in a wonderfull friendship..
after all these years...
Abdullah said…

I too remember the hole in the blackboard...all too well, I'm afraid... Ah...the price of fame, and the jealousy of the common people...hehe..

And it's a nice thought to know that they are still 'together' in a sense, after all these years... and to be able to finally say something about it...

after all these years :)

Stick around for the next part of the story...

One I call "The tryst of Frankfurt"
Gukita said…

Such memories last forever. Hope it wont go the way of memories as in `The Never Ending Story 2'.. I wouldnt ask for the ending for that would be spoilt sport; the best part of the story is in the suspense.. :-)
Abdullah said…
Pakcik Ali,

You have to sit back and wait for the sequel...hehehehe...
Princess Liyana said…
can't wait to read the suspense part sir;)uhuhu

as cool as a cucumber?huhu..sounds really cool;)

hihi..sometimes, when we have that 'thing' towards someone, we just don't have the guts to say it out i right?
azie said…

erm, adeh...

this story, reminds me of the memories i had back in school.

how i wish i cud turn back time:-)
Abdullah said…
You know, there are just so many things we could have done, if only we had the courage and maturity to say them out loud... :)

Seems like it's the story of everyone's life eh?

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