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The Ones That Got Away : Somewhere beyond the sea

"You're going to do what?" I asked, stunned beyond belief.

"Don't act so surprised" She replied, her voice brimming with barely controlled amusement. I knew that she was probably rolling her eyes and smiling her quirky smile on the other end of the line. "Besides" she continued, "It's not going to be that far".

"But you'll be in another country..." I protested, still not quite sure about what I was hearing, "And whatever happened to finishing university together?". It seemed to be such a shame, I thought. Here was perhaps the cleverest girl in school, a killer combination of brains and beauty, who could run circles around me in all subjects, except English (even then she came a close second), talking about doing something else besides finishing university.

"I already told you my reasons" Her voice finally showing some signs of strain, "I thought you'd be more supportive of this"

I was torn.

There were so many reasons for me not wanting her to go... Her having so much more to offer for her academic development... Her being capable of much, much more than what I believed she was opting for... And for the biggest part, her being even further away from me...

Yet, at the same time, I wanted her to be happy.

And so, I did what any good friend would do... I supported her decision.

That was the last time we spoke before she boarded a flight to start her training as an airline stewardess, somewhere beyond the sea.


Galadriel said…
"Flight Attendant"... That's what people call them now.. "stewardess" sounds a bit thrashy don't you think..? "FLIGHT ATTENDANT"..
You better get it right next time or our "friend" here is going to get RREEAAAALLL MMMAAADDDDD Lobo..
Abdullah said…
Again, my sincerest apologies to all Flight Attendants everywhere... ;P

Actually this post was drafted before I could get my hands on the politically correct term...
Besides, I like the traditional designation...has a nice warm ring to it..
Galadriel said…
Hmmm... well.. how could anyone be mad at you anyway Papa Bear..! MMMUUaahahahhaha!
missyizzati said…
ehehe...okay.she chose the other way eh? em...ada sambungan lagi tak ni? hehe
Gukita said…
Stewardess??? Oo My... Brain and beauty you say? She's capitalising only on the second gift... What's the sign this time?? Will it go the way of 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai'?? Sorry Bang.. will follow you advice and wait for the sequel.. :-)
A t i Q a h said…
oh. okay. flight attendant boleh kawen tak? huhu.
Abdullah said…
Awwww shucks...(blushing and twiddling feet)

Mestilah ada sambungan dia

Pakcik Ali,
Not as tragic as Kuch Kuch Hota Hai...but close... :)

Memang la boleh...but you have to wait for the next installments... ;)
Princess Liyana said…
huhu..cepattlaa smbg Sir..;)
azie said…
uuuu...flight attendant tuuuuu

konfem cun,kihkihkih
Galadriel said…
Being a flight attendant without brains.. is like swimming in an ocean full of sharks.. "she" said. Sounds a little bit too extreme huh..? anw, Never ever take anything/anyone for granted..and it takes more than rolls of degrees n masters to be wise.. at least that's what I've learnt growing up..

*of course people with degrees, masters etc has the highest respect n esteem from my humble self.. :)
Abdullah said…
I know that it's a challenging profession, which requires both beauty and brains...

It's just the way I felt back then, you know, as a naive, young person...

These are all recollections, which may or may not reflect any present thoughts or opinions...

And you're right, of course... degrees and masters are sometimes what they are - rolls of paper, that may not symbolise anything.

In the end, it's the person himself/herself that matters.. :)
Galadriel said…
She's not trying to justify anything.. just sharing her humble thoughts.. ;P
SharifaEmairzet said…
i think i know who she is... how did i come across this blog pulak ye?

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